Top 6 tendinopathy papers of recent times

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Here is a quick blog showcasing 6 relatively recent articles that are very worthwhile reading and have changed the way we think about tendons.

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Here is the list

1= Rees et al. 2013 – great part about this paper is that it reminds us that tendon pathology is complex, more complex than a label of inflammatory or degenerative


2= Cook and Purdam 2012 – best paper by far on compression and how it relates clinically to tendinipathy


3 = Magnussen et al. 2010 / Abate et al. 2009 – double header here, both on pathology. Read these 2 and it will give you a pretty good overall understanding of the multiple potential pathways of factors involved in tendon pathology


4 = Malliaras et al. 2013 – (sorry, I accept this is a biased inclusion) This study helped to shift the focus away from eccentric focused interventions by providing clear evidence that concentric-eccentric interventins also work in the Achilles and patellar


5 = Kongsgaard et al. 2009 – this study changed the focus of patellar tendinopathy rehab from a focus on decline squats to heavy load gym work, which is much better IMO


6 = Cook and Purdam 2009 – There are positives and negatives to any model (“to define is to limit” Oscar Wilde), but the great thing about this model is that it focused clinicians on subgrouping based on pain, which is a huge step forward.


Hope you enjoy. Please tweet and comment with others papers that you think should be included in the list!


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