Clinical Assessment of Dynamic Knee Valgus

I would like to welcome back Randall Cooper to the biomechanics blog. Randall is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist at the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne where he manages many ACL and knee injuries. He also founded and owns the massage and sports cream company Premax and designed the Cooper Knee Alignment Sleeve by Thermoskin. Over to you Randall ….. The

Some Friday Fun – Is this runners anterior shin pain better or worse with barefoot running?

Tweet #better or #worse Shod Barefoot   The answer: #worse Thanks for some fantastic discussion from all on twitter and here on comments. Her issue/pain was related to excessive Tib ant muscle activity during foot strike. Some key considerations, which I think all were pointed out amongst the discussions: 1. Tib ant muscle activity during

Discussing loading programs for plantar fasciopathy with Dr Michael Rathleff

I had the great pleasure recently of catching up with Dr Michael Rathleff, from Aalborg University in Denmark. Michael has completed and continues to complete fantastic clinically applicable research. One of his recent studies was a randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a high load strength training program in plantar fasciopathy over a period

How we run is more important than what is on our feet

I am currently drowning in running retraining research, attempting to complete a mixed-methods study (i.e. systematic review combined with exploration of expert clinical reasoning). Watch this space – aiming to have it done by Christmas! As part of this study, I have come across a very interesting and good paper published in the journal of Biomechanics:

The 3rd International Scientific Tendon Symposium Oxford (UK) 2014

I would like to welcome a fantastic clinical academic, Seth O’Neil, to the biomechanics blog. He is doing some fantastic research related to the management of Achilles Tendinopathy, and until I met him recently in the UK, based on twitter I actually thought he was an Achilles tendon (see twitter handle). With some assistance from

How to tape a patellofemoral joint

This video shows how to tape your own patellofemoral joint, which can serve as a great resource for your patients Further information and research on patellar taping can be found in the patellofemoral blog

Discussing the foot core with Professor Irene Davis and Dr Patrick McKeon

Following on from my recent post related to the ‘Foot Core’ paper published in BJSM, I had the great pleasure to sit down and discuss the concept with two of the authors – Professor Irene Davis and Dr Patrick McKeon

Return to sport after ACL reconstruction in younger athletes: the importance of patience

I would like to welcome Randall Cooper to the biomechanics blog for the first time. I met Randall at a recent ACL seminar in Melbourne which we both presented, and thoroughly enjoyed his great insight into ACL rehabilitation. Randall is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist at the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne where he manages

A pain in the butt! Biomechanics and running retraining for proximal hamstring tendinopathy

It is my great pleasure to put forward this piece from our guest blogger Tom Goom. I was fortunate to meet Tom at my recent running biomechanics course in London where some of the pretty pictures below of his running action come from. I can also vouch for his ridiculously tight hip flexors you can

Running Retraining for Patellofemoral Pain

Click here for slide from the Podiatry South Australia Conference Click here for slides from Podiatry South Australia presentation. These slides are related to a keynote presentation on running retraining for Patellofemoral Pain, given on May 22nd 2014.