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Case History demonstrating the biomechanical jig saw puzzle – by trevor prior

A male patient with right hip pain demonstrates (bilateral unless stated): 1st MTPJ dorsiflexion 60°. The forefoot is inverted on the rearfoot. On weight-bearing, both feet are pronated with calcaneal eversion and some lowering of the arch. There is increased medial navicular drift on the right. Foot posture index 6 (Reference values – Highly supinated:

The biomechanical jig saw puzzle – what leads to excessive tissue stress and injury?

Welcome back to Trevor Prior for another great post on biomechanics. Trevor is a fantastic London based podiatrist, working at Premier Podiatry with more than 30 years clinical experience. Some great discussion of biomechanical principles and concept of different biomechanical factors building the puzzle for individual injury risk profile. Over to you Trevor …………….. We have recently

How important is Soleus to managing midportion Achilles tendinopathy? By Seth O’Neil

Welcome back to the Biomechanics blog Seth O’Neil – aka the Achilles tendon twitter. He previously provided us with a fantastic synopsis of the 3rd scientific tendon symposium in Oxford held last year. In this post, Seth puts his tendon geek on once more, discussing the importance of soleus to the managing mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy. Over to

Is there any point measuring static variables in clinical practice? By Trevor Prior

I would like to welcome a new guest to the Biomechanics blog – Trevor Prior. Trevor is a fantastic London based podiatrist, working at Premier Podiatry with more than 30 years clinical experience. As a result he has a wealth of knowledge which he is always keen to share, especially if you have the pleasure of

Running Retraining and Hip strengthening for Patellofemoral Pain with Assistant Professor Rich Willy

Assistant Professor Rich Willy from East Carolina University sat down and chatted about two favorite topics of mine, running retraining and Patellofemoral Pain. Rich has completed some fantastic research related to these topics in recent years, which I have discussed in previous posts. Rich also provided a fantastic blog related to running retraining recently for @tomgoom which I

Clinical Assessment of Dynamic Knee Valgus

I would like to welcome back Randall Cooper to the biomechanics blog. Randall is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist at the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre in Melbourne where he manages many ACL and knee injuries. He also founded and owns the massage and sports cream company Premax and designed the Cooper Knee Alignment Sleeve by Thermoskin. Over to you Randall ….. The

Discussing loading programs for plantar fasciopathy with Dr Michael Rathleff

I had the great pleasure recently of catching up with Dr Michael Rathleff, from Aalborg University in Denmark. Michael has completed and continues to complete fantastic clinically applicable research. One of his recent studies was a randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a high load strength training program in plantar fasciopathy over a period

The 3rd International Scientific Tendon Symposium Oxford (UK) 2014

I would like to welcome a fantastic clinical academic, Seth O’Neil, to the biomechanics blog. He is doing some fantastic research related to the management of Achilles Tendinopathy, and until I met him recently in the UK, based on twitter I actually thought he was an Achilles tendon (see twitter handle). With some assistance from

How to tape a patellofemoral joint

This video shows how to tape your own patellofemoral joint, which can serve as a great resource for your patients Further information and research on patellar taping can be found in the patellofemoral blog

Discussing the foot core with Professor Irene Davis and Dr Patrick McKeon

Following on from my recent post related to the ‘Foot Core’ paper published in BJSM, I had the great pleasure to sit down and discuss the concept with two of the authors – Professor Irene Davis and Dr Patrick McKeon