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Running Retraining and Hip strengthening for Patellofemoral Pain with Assistant Professor Rich Willy

Assistant Professor Rich Willy from East Carolina University sat down and chatted about two favorite topics of mine, running retraining and Patellofemoral Pain. Rich has completed some fantastic research related to these topics in recent years, which I have discussed in previous posts. Rich also provided a fantastic blog related to running retraining recently for @tomgoom which I

Discussing loading programs for plantar fasciopathy with Dr Michael Rathleff

I had the great pleasure recently of catching up with Dr Michael Rathleff, from Aalborg University in Denmark. Michael has completed and continues to complete fantastic clinically applicable research. One of his recent studies was a randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of a high load strength training program in plantar fasciopathy over a period

Discussing the foot core with Professor Irene Davis and Dr Patrick McKeon

Following on from my recent post related to the ‘Foot Core’ paper published in BJSM, I had the great pleasure to sit down and discuss the concept with two of the authors – Professor Irene Davis and Dr Patrick McKeon