Barefoot running didn’t work, what now?

So two weeks ago we saw this runners anterior shin pain related to over activity of tibialis anterior was #worse with barefoot running (see videos below). Here were my 2 key biomecanincal considerations of why (obviously very simplistic):

1. Tib ant muscle activity during heel strike running is more the 3 times that of forefoot strike running – barefoot doesn’t change this in this runner

2. Removing shoes doesn’t always change mechanics and this girl has now lost a lot of cushioning which she needs (at least in the short term with her current running technique - longer term may be a different story)

This weeks important #FridayFun question

This case produced some great discussion and debate so I thought I would stick with it for now (plus I have some other cool videos of this patient to share later). So my question this week is what to do next? I would like to hear from you related to two things:

1. What biomechanical variable(s) is most important to change?

2. What cue would you use to achieve this? Remember, most runners can only cope with 1-2 cues so choose carefully.

Please respond on twitter using #FridayFun or on comments here on the blog. I look forward to the discussion and debate