Barefoot running didn’t work, what now? – Part 2

So to recap – our runner has anterior shin pain as a result of tibialis anterior over activity. Taking her shoes off increased her pain.

Here were a few of the many suggestions of the next step to take:

1. Give her more cushioning and bulkier shoes – I like the irony but not sure this would help :)

2. Cue to lean forward – this is biomechanically plausible as if this cue were successful would bring her COM and landing point closer together

3. Various other proximal cues (e.g. change pelvic position) – some great suggestions, we will discuss these later

4. Run barefoot on asphalt – this may definitely help the patient get of her heels – however, is that the best solution, and does the patient want to run on asphalt or have the skin thickness and hardness to do so safely?

5. Cue to land on toes

6. Cue to increase cadence

7. Combine cadence (shorter steps) with cues to land soft

So, below are videos of 5 (“land on toes”) and 7 (“take shorter faster steps, and land softer”). Her anterior shin pain is better in both. Gone in fact. Today’s #FridayFun question is, which would you choose for this runner (5 or 7)? Can you see problems with either? Please answer in Twitter using #FridayFun or in comments below.

Original barefoot video (anterior shin pain worse than shod)

Runner cued to “land on your toes”

Runner cued to “take shorter faster steps and land softer”