This blog is the creation of Dr Christian Barton, clinical director and physiotherapists at Complete Sports Care in Melbourne. Christian has completed a PhD related to biomechanics and lower limb injury management, and continues to be actively involved in research and clinical practice. He is also passionate about facilitating the translation of research into clinical practice. We know all to well that sports medicine practice rarely fits the traditional evidence based practice model, and the mission of this site is to bridge the gap.  The content within this blog combines clinical and research expertise, in an attempt to help clinicians on a global scale manage understand more about biomechanics and its relationship to injury and patient care.

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  1. John Foster says:

    Great work guys. Thanks for keeping me inFORMed as well.

  2. Brian O Connell says:

    Keep up the good work men, a fantastic resource for physios trying to stay abreast of all tendon and biomechanical issues. Thanks for the opportunity to use this resource.


  3. Many thanks Dr Barton for a great course in Sweden.

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